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Laser Therapy: An effective treatment for heel and foot pain.

Laser Treatment Can Help Your Foot Conditions.  Learn How Dr. Marco Vargas Can Help.

Lasers are not just for Star Wars characters, but they are useful for podiatrists too!  Laser technology can be used effectively to heal your feet.  Dr. Marco Vargas, of Foot & Ankle Associates, uses laser therapy to eliminate foot pain, and provide additional healing for your specific foot conditions.  Laser treatment is available at his Sugar Land, and Houston TX locations.   

Laser therapy has been used by medical professionals in Europe since the 70’s.  It was in 2002 that laser therapy received FDA approval in the United States.  Since approval many podiatrists started utilizing this effective technology.      


What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is also known as "photobiomodulation".  Laser is an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation".  It uses wavelengths of light to help with the following - healing, pain, circulation and swelling.  Laser therapy can treat a variety of conditions, but in Dr. Vargas' case it is used for pain and tissue repair.


How does Laser Therapy Work?

When the laser is aimed at your foot the red beam of light will work to get rid of damaged tissue.  Because the laser beam is so small, it allows the user to accurately target localized areas of the foot.  The laser light works with cell tissue and improves its nutrients.  When this happens it increases cell activity, and speed the healing process. 


What is KLaser?

There are a variety of laser treatments available, but Dr. Vargas uses KLaser.  KLaser is able to help your feet with pain, tissue repair and best of all it is a safe procedure.  It also offers shorter treatment times and great results!


How can Laser Therapy Help Your Feet?

Laser therapy can help with a wide variety of foot conditions.  Below are a few that Klaser can help with, however, this is not an exhaustive list.  KLaser can help with the following foot issues:

At Foot & Ankle Associates, we have seen results from the use of laser therapy.  You will see tissue repair, growth and healing of wounds.  Also, you will notice a decrease in pain and inflammation.


Will Laser Therapy Hurt?   

When you get laser therapy on one or both of your feet it does not hurt.  Actually, it is a safe and efficient procedure. Some patients will notice a warm sensation in the targeted area, but the procedure is pain free and simple.


How Will I Know if Laser Therapy is Right for Me? 

The best way to know if laser therapy is right for you is to call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Vargas.  Dr. Vargas uses Klaser regularly to treat conditions of the foot and ankle.  He has seen positive results with laser therapy such as reduced swelling and pain, and tissue repair.   

For more information about how Dr. Vargas uses laser therapy, visit our website.  If laser treatment sounds like an option for you, call to schedule an appointment.  Dr. Vargas is happy to answer all your questions about laser therapy.